Nagaland PSC: Books for Indian Culture Subject

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  1. Facets of Indian Culture by Spectrum's- Buy from
  2. The Argumentative Indian: Writings on Indian History, Culture and Identity by Amartya Sen- Buy from
  3. Indian Heritage and Culture by J K Chopra- Buy from
  4. Indian Heritage & Culture History & Geography of the World & Society by Arihant Experts- Buy from
  5. Indian Art and Culture by Arihant Experts- Buy from
  6. In Indian Culture: Why Do We… By S Vivekananda- Buy from
  7. Indian Society and Culture: Continuity and Change by N. Hasnain- Buy from
  8. Indian Culture (Global Cultures) by Anita Ganeri- Buy from
  9. Indian Culture by Amit Kumar- Buy from
  10. Indian Culture: A Socio-Spiritual Profile by Satvinder Kaur- Buy from

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