Nagaland PSC: Books for Law

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Indian Penal Code

  1. Autochthon Pillai
  2. Ratanlal Dhiraj Lal

Mercantile Law

  1. R K Bangia - Buy from
  2. Avatar Singh
  3. Pollack and Mulla
  4. MC Shukla - Buy from

Law of Tort

  1. Autochthon Pillai - Buy from
  2. R K Bangia - Buy from
  3. Winfield - Buy from
  4. Avatar Singh - Buy from

Constitutional Law

  1. V N Shukla - Buy from
  2. S K Kapoor
  3. J N Pandey - Buy from


  1. P K Tripathi - Buy from
  2. Dias - Buy from

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