Nagaland PSC: Books for Tourism Administration and Management Subject

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  1. Management and Administration of Tourism: Codes and Guidelines by Tirlok Singh Parmar- Buy from
  2. Tourism Administration and Management by G P Raju- Buy from
  3. Tourism Administration by Dr. Bimal Kumar Kapoor- Buy from
  4. Tourism Administration by Vivek Verma- Buy from
  5. Tourism: Operations and Management by Sunetra Roday- Buy from
  6. Tourism and Travel Management by Biswanath Ghosh- Buy from
  7. Tourism Management: An Introduction by Stephen J. Page- Buy from
  8. Indian Tourism: Management, Motivation & Mobility by A. K. Sarkar- Buy from
  9. UGC NET/SET Tourism Administration and Management Paper II by Kumar A- Buy from
  10. UGC-NET/SET: Tourism (Administration and Management) Guide (Paper II and III) by Sima Kumari- Buy from

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