Political Science Objective & Practice Questions (HOT & Expected Questions for 2019) for Nagaland PSC

Objective type & multiple choice questions on Political Science for interview and Nagaland PSC preparation.

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  • 1 NITI Aayog to Release 2nd Delta Ranking Under the Aspirational Districts Programme [ Current-Affairs/GS ]

    NITI Aayog on December 27,2018 released the Second Delta Ranking of the Aspirational Districts Programme (ADP). Virudhunagar (Tamil Nadu), Naupada (Odisha) and Sidharthnagar (Uttar Pradesh) have emerged as the top three districts in the ranking of aspirational districts by Niti

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  • 2 NEID SCHEME [ Current-Affairs/GS ]

    North East Industrial Development Scheme (NEIDS), 2017 will catalyse the industrial development in the North Eastern Region including Sikkim It has come into force from 01.04. 2017 and will remain in force up to 31.03. 2022.

    Image Of Devel;oment Scheme

    Image Of Devel; Oment Scheme

    Image Of Devel; oment Scheme

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  • 3 📹 NTA NET December 2018 Geography (Memory Based) Questions-Answers [ NTA NET-JRF Upd. ]

    Length of Indian Coastline book hundred years in geography concurrent list. Almagest highest density of population in UT. Time Space Geography Christaller – Transport. Length of Indian Coastline

    • Book Hundred Years in Geography
    • Concurrent List
    • Almagest
    • Highest density of populatio

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  • 4 📹 Kurukshetra November 2018 - Rural Health (Part 2) [ Current-Affairs/GS ]

    Present Situation: Govt. facilities face different set of challenges in ensuring quality of care: huge patient load, lack of accountability, absenteeism, management gaps & fixed salary based payment incentives.

    • Current legal framework for regulation of medical services is under

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  • 5 📹 UPSC CIVIL SERVICES MAINS EXAM 2017: General Studies Paper – 3 (Part - 1) [ IAS Upd. ]

    1. Among several factors for India’s potential growth, savings rate is the most effective one. Do you agree? What are the other factors available for growth potential? (Answer in 150 words)

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    IAS Mains 2017 GS Paper 3 Solutions Discussion (Part 1)

    Dr. Manishi

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  • 6 📹 Kurukshetra September 2018: Sustainable Rural Development (Part - 2) [ Current-Affairs/GS ]

    MGNREGS: Empowerment Rural India - Mahatma Gandhi National Rural employment Guarantee Scheme – flagship program of govt. is quite relevant as program aims at enhancing livelihood security of rural poor.

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    Sustainable Rural Development: Kurukshetra September 20

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