Sikh Form of Architecture & Rajputana Form of Architecture for Nagaland PSC

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Sikh Form of Architecture

Image of Golden Templer

Image of Golden Temple

  • Golden temple at Amritsar.

  • Also known as Harminder Sahib.

  • Foundation by Ramdas,completed by Arjun Deb

  • Multiplicity of chhatris

  • Fluted dome covered with brass and copper gilt

  • Chhajja shallow cornicce.

Rajputana Form of Architecture

Image of Hawamahal

Image of Hawamahal

  • Concept of henging balconies.

  • Carved cornice like in the shape of arch producing shadows arch like a bow.

  • The Kirtistambha, or Tower of Fame, was constructed by the Solanki ruler of Gujarat and one such is that of the Chittor Fort, the capital of Mewar before Udaipur.

  • The tower, was constructed in the eight years following and restored in to commemorate the building of the Kumbhaswami Vaishnava temple, consecrated in.

  • Of many "experimental" works, in which the Hindu and the Islamic traditions had combined to create something novel is the interesting example of the 'Hava Mahal' (the Palace of the Wind) at Jaipur.

  • Here an extraordinary experiment has been made to create a building suited to the hot, dry climate of Rajasthan, by making the entire facade a perforated screen by creating over fifty slightly raised pavillions, each a half oriel window, as it were, to allow little breeze to waft through those hundreds of perforated jali windows.

  • These half raised pavilions are covered by little domes and curvilinear roofs, whilst the openings are arch shaped.

  • These are probably inspired by the tiers of small shikharas rising one above the other, of Bhubaneswar or Tanjore.

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