Examrace Odisha PSC Geography Optional Series (Postal Course Includes 2020 Contemporary Topics)

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Course Includes Following 4 Books

Human & Economic Geography
Human & Economic Geography Sample Preview

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GIS, Cartography, Statistics & Remote Sensing
GIS, Cartography, Statistics & Remote Sensing Sample Preview

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Cover Geography optional including latest 2020 contemporary issues: Policies, goals, census and more! Afraid of the vast and extensive syllabus in Odisha PSC geography! For Geography, good and updated reference makes all the difference. Don't read the same old books-filled with outdated information, mistakes and misinformation. Master all the important concepts with scientifically and carefully designed Examrace Odisha PSC Geography Series-

  • Provides comprehensive 1200 pages of notes on most important topics of Geography as per the Odisha PSC latest syllabus.

  • Most important topics are marked with ☞ for easy prioritization.

  • Material comes in 4 books. Part-1: Physical Geography (Geomorphology, Oceanography, Climatology, Biogeography), Part-2: Human and Economic Geography, Part-3: Geography of India, and Part-4: GIS, Cartography, Statistics & Remote Sensing.

  • Material covers detailed explanation to all important theories, includes latest facts and figures along with 2011 census reports.

  • Almost all questions in the last 4 Mains Exam, could be solved by carefully studying Examrace Odisha PSC Geography Series!

  • Extra focus on connectivity, application and critical analysis.

  • Detailed illustrations using diagrams, pictures and graphs aid understanding and make it easy to understand even the most difficult concepts.

  • Develops skill of linking, writing and application beyond the bookish knowledge required for Odisha PSC mains examination.

  • Examrace Map Locations Postal Course (available separately) works exceedingly well with this postal course.

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