Odisha PSC Exam: Sentence Completion Questions (Practice_Test 10 of 31)

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  1. I cannot conclude this preface without ________ that an early and untimely death should have prevented Persius from giving a more finished appearance to his works.
    1. rejoicing
    2. lamenting
    3. affirming
    4. commenting
    5. mentioning
  2. Before his marriage the Duke had led an austere existence and now regarded the affectionate, somewhat ________ behavior of his young wife as simply ________.
    1. restrained-despicable
    2. childish-elevating
    3. playful-sublime
    4. frivolous-puerile
    5. unpleasant-delightful
  3. Alpha ________ that human beings inherit a tendency to feel an affinity and awe for other living things, in the same way that we are ________ to be inquisitive or to protect our young at all costs.
    1. argues-encouraged
    2. maintains-trained
    3. contends-predisposed
    4. fears-taught
    5. demurs-genetically programmed
  4. The pond was a place of reek and corruption, of ________ smells and of oxygen-starved fish breathing through laboring gills.
    1. fragrant
    2. evocative
    3. dolorous
    4. resonant
    5. fetid
  5. There have been great ________ since his time, but few others have felt so strongly the ________ of human existence.
    1. pessimists-futility
    2. skeptics-exaltation
    3. heretics-sagacity
    4. optimists-tremulousness
    5. cynics-joy
  6. While war has never been absent from the ________ of man, there have been periods in History which appear remarkably ________.
    1. archives-ambivalent
    2. posterity-serene
    3. mind-desultory
    4. annals-pacific
    5. life-belligerent

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