Odisha PSC Exam: Sentence Completion Questions (Practice_Test 20 of 31)

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  1. Even after a century of ________ investigation, the relation of solar cycle to terrestrial weather remains ________.
    1. meticulous-apparent
    2. cursory-clear
    3. sedulous-pertinent
    4. extensive-enigmatic
    5. scientific-unobscured
  2. There is great unevenness in his later plays; there are moments of greatest ________ in the midst of great ________.
    1. lucidity-enlightenment
    2. frivolity-triteness
    3. insight-banality
    4. obscurity-ambivalence
    5. profundity-wisdom
  3. According to Hume, it is not logic that determines what we say and do; if we decide to help a person in need, we do so because of our ________ not our ________
    1. consciousness-emotions
    2. duty-rights
    3. feelings-reason
    4. beliefs-convictions
    5. concern-kindness
  4. In the earliest moments of Universe conditions of almost inconceivable ________ raged through the swelling cosmos; yet this great ________ managed to produce only the simplest of atoms.
    1. tumult-cataclysm
    2. tranquillity-upheaval
    3. violence-complexity
    4. turbulence-conglomeration
    5. chaos-inertia
  5. The assumption that chlorofluorocarbons would be ________ in the environment because they were chemically inert, was challenged by the demonstration of a potential threat to the ozone layer.
    1. deleterious
    2. innocuous
    3. persistent
    4. noxious
    5. durable
  6. The alpha is part of a ________ of rivers and cultures as significant as the ________ of Tigris and the Euphrates.
    1. disparity-conjunction
    2. intermingling-dichotomy
    3. juxtaposition-divergence
    4. conglomeration-diaspora
    5. convergence-confluence

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