Odisha PSC Exam: History MCQs (Practice_Test 20 of 130)

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  1. Who among the following officers was NOT a part of Alauddin Khalji՚s market control system?
    1. Diwan-i Riyasat
    2. Shahna
    3. Barid
    4. Diwani-i Mustakhraj
  2. Al Biruni in his Kitabul Hind had particularly appreciated the Indians for a very high degree of proficiency in
    1. Exchanging and communicating their knowledge
    2. Raising a powerful business class
    3. Construction of tanks and reservoirs at holy places
    4. Miniature paintings
  3. Who among the following Sultans had assumed the title of Zililah (Shadow of God on the Earth) ?
    1. Qutbuddin Aibak
    2. Iltutmish
    3. Balban
    4. Firuz Shah Tughlaq
  4. Pandi Raj Jagnnath was the poet laureate at the court of
    1. Humayun
    2. Akbar
    3. Shahjahan
    4. Aurangzeb
  5. Balban failed to extend his territorial possessions because of
    1. Lack of financial resources
    2. Non-cooperation of nobles
    3. Fear of Mongol invaders
    4. Revolt of his son
  6. The first Indo-Muslim classic on political theory and art of government organization prepared under iltutmish was known as
    1. Abadul Muluk
    2. Ahkam-us Sultaniya
    3. Fatawa-i jahandari
    4. Adaus Salatin
  7. Khwaja Mansur, is exclusively famous for his skills in
    1. Calligraphy
    2. Depiction of events
    3. Portrait presentation
    4. Flora and fauna paintings
  8. The earliest Chola gold coin of which we have any knowledge, belongs to the reign of
    1. Aditya Chola II
    2. Uttama Chola
    3. Rajaraja Chola
    4. Rajendra Chola
  9. The Das Muqami Rekhta describing ten stations of Sufism was composed by
    1. Mansur Al Hallaj
    2. Kabir
    3. Guru Nanak
    4. Mian Mir
  10. Shri Guru Granth Sahib does NOT contain the hymns of
    1. Dhanna
    2. Pipa
    3. Raidas
    4. Sain
  11. The Central Asian traveler Abdur Razzaq Samarqandi, who visited the Vijayanagar empire, particularly bought and carried with him Indian
    1. Medicines
    2. Ivory objects
    3. Paintings
    4. Textiles
  12. In the Vijayanagar empire, the social and religious matters were decided by
    1. Samayacaryas or Desaris
    2. Kavalkaras or Arasukavalkaras
    3. Dharmopanchas or Dharmdesas
    4. Parsokanas or Dhruvrajas
  13. Under the Nayankara system of Vijayanagar, lands were assigned to
    1. Mathas for the maintenance of temples
    2. Persons against annual tributes and military service
    3. Brahmins for charitable trusts
    4. Women without any source of income
  14. Which one of the following pairs is NOT correctly matched?
      • Gulbadan Begum
      • Humayunnama
      • Khwand Mir
      • Qanum-i Humayuni
      • Ziauddin Barani
      • Tarikh-i Firuzshahi
      • Khwaja Kalan
      • Tazkirai Humayun wa


  15. The Mahabharata and Rajatarangini were translated, at the order of Zain-ul Abidin of Kashmir, in
    1. Urdu
    2. Persian
    3. Pushtu
    4. Arabic

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