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  • 1 🌟 In Justice Indira Banerjee’S Appointment to Supreme Court, a New Record [ Current-Affairs/GS ]

    Centre cleared names of 3 high court judges to be elevated to SC of India. Those who were elevated to apex court included U’Khand High Court Chief Justice KM Joseph, Madras HC Chief Justice Indira Banerjee & Orissa HC Chief Justice Vineet Saran.

    Image of Crucial Dates

    Image of Crucial Dates

    Image of Crucial Dates

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  • 2 📹 Rural Infrastructure - Kurukshetra October 2018 (Part - 2) [ Current-Affairs/GS ]

    IT Initiatives of Ministry: My MSME: Web Based application module to submit & track online application under various schemes of the Ministry. Udyog Aadhar Memorandum: Mobile friendly application for registration of MSMEs on self-certification basis.

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    Rural I

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  • 3 📹 Agriculture and Allied Sectors: Kurukshetra April 2018 Summary – (Part 3) [ Current-Affairs/GS ]

    Potential of Sericulture -Sericulture is imp. Industry in Japan, China, India, Italy, France & Spain. Introduction - Employment generation - farm & non-farm activity of this sector creates 60 lakh man days of employment every year mostly in rural sector.

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  • 4 📹 Expected Questions on Environment 2018 - IAS / NET (Part 1) - (Set 2) [ Current-Affairs/GS ]

    📝 Monsoon Mission - CFS & UM - Models real time information on wind, temperature and humidity in digitized format. Objectives of Monsoon Mission: To setup state of the art dynamical modeling frame work for improving prediction skill of: Seasonal & extended range prediction system

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  • 5 📹 NCERT Class 10 History Summary - Chapter 8: Novels, Society and History [ CBSE Board Upd. ]

    Novels created flexibility in writing forms, Walter Scott – collected popular Scottish ballads which he used in his historical novels about the wars between Scottish clans, Epistolary novel (series of letters) used the private and personal form of letters to tell its story.


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  • 6 📹 Kurukshetra February 2018 Summary: Agriculture for Prosperity (Part - 3) [ Current-Affairs/GS ]

    Organic farming practices in India - Organic farming addresses soil health, human health and environmental health & is eco-friendly, best option for crop production and crop yield sustainability, greater economic benefits to farmers, crucial for achieving food security, maintains

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