Punjab PSC Exam: Philosphy MCQs (Practice_Test 19 of 90)

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  1. Which one of the following Venn diagrams correctly represents the validity of the argument? ‘All scientists are experimenters’ All physicists are scientists. All physicists are experimenters.
    1. S P M
    2. S P M
    3. S P M
    4. S P M
  2. As every cricketer involved in the matchfixing scam should be questioned thoroughly and as each one who should be questioned thoroughly should be made to answer honestly, all those who should be made to answer honestly are cricketers involved in the match-fixing scam. The above argument when put in syllogistic form
    1. commits the fallacy of illicit minor
    2. is in valid mood AAA of Figure I
    3. commits the fallacy of illicit major
    4. is in valid mood AAA of Figure IV
  3. When the major premise distributes the major term in a valid syllogism, the minor premise cannot distribute its middle term. These conditions hold
    1. only in the Third Figure
    2. only in the first Figure
    3. in any figure
    4. only in the Fourth of Second Figure

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