Architecture During Babur, Humayun, Jahangir & Shahjahan for Rajasthan PSC Exam

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Babur Builted Mosque
  • No time for development
  • Babur built 2 mosques
  • Rohilkhand
  • Panipat


Lotus Dome
  • He didn՚t live long to emphasize on architecture.
  • He led the foundation of Dinpanah later became shergarh under sher shah Suri
  • Sher shah started developing the architecture shergarg city, grand trunk road.
  • 4 centered arches
  • Semi domed roofs
  • Double dome continued.
  • Inverted lotus dome.
  • Humayun՚s tomb was iniated by his wife Haji beghum.
  • All features of Indo-Islamic architecture are present here
  • 1st time white marble was used.
  • Humayun՚s tomb is made of red sandstone and white marble.


Akbar՚s Thomb
  • Akbar՚s tomb was constructed by Jahangir at sikandara.
  • Noorjahan constructed the tomb of her father at Agra Idmat-ul-Daula.
  • Here first time complete use of white marble is found.
  • Pietra dura technique was used for the 1st time in this tomb.
  • Moti masjid at Lahore was built by Jahangir.
  • Jahangir constructed his own maqbara at Lahore.


Moti Masjid
  • Mosque building reached its climax.
  • Established the city shahjanbad.
  • Moti masjid of Agra fort.
  • Jama masjid
  • Shalimar bagh at Lahore
  • Taj mahal