Delhi Sultanate-Imperial Style During Slave, Khilji, and Tughlaq Dynasty for Rajasthan PSC Exam

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1. Slave Dynasty

Le-Qwaat-Ul-Islam Mosque
  • Also called as mamulak dynasty.
  • Ilbar dynasty (Ilbari tribe)
  • Started converting the existing Hindu structures into mosques.
  • Quwaat-ul-Islam mosque
  • Arhai din ka jhopra, Ajmer
  • Qutub minar Qutubuddin Aibak Iltutmish Firozshah Tughlaq

2. Khilji Dynasty

Khilji Dynasty
  • Seljuk style richest style in Delhi sultanate.
  • Sand stone Red sandstone used in all structures.
  • i.e. Siri fort
  • Alai darwaja in Qutub complex

3. Tughlaq Dynasty

Taghlaq Dynasty Architecture
  • Crisis period
  • Not much interested in architecture
  • Focus on strength rather than beauty
  • Sloping walls called β€œbatt” was introduced-combined the techniques of lintel and arch (Batt lintel arch)
  • Generally grey sandstone was used
  • Established 3 cities
  • Tughlaqgabad by Gyasuddin Tughlaq
  • Jahapanah by Mummad Tughlaq
  • Firozshah kotla by Firozshah Taghlaq