Indian Music: Swara, Raga and Taal for Rajasthan PSC Exam

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Indian Music Demonstration
  • Origin samveda and its Upveda Gandharvaveda
  • Narad is the first person who heard the message from God.
  • Naad is supposed to be the basis of all creations.
  • Bharatmuni՚s natyashastra contains several chapters on music.
  • Bharat muni defined music as Nritya, gayan and vadan.

Pillars of Indian Musical System

  • Swara
  • Raga
  • Taal

(1) Swara

  • Pitch or tone
  • Notes
  • Primitive sound AUM gave birth to swaras
  • swara-Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni
  • Sa-sadcha, Re-Rishabh, Ga-Gandhara, Ma-madhyam,
  • Pa-Pancham, Dha-Dhaiwat, Ni-Nishad

(2) Raga

  • It forms the basis of melody.
  • Combination of swaras.
  • In every raga, there are at least swaras.
  • Hence, there are kinds of Ragas
  • Odava Raga swara
  • Shadava Raga swara
  • Sampurna Raga all swara
  • In Hindustani music, there are principal ragas.
  • Ragas are time specific, season specific, and mood specific.
  • Hindola raga
  • Time-dawn, season spring, mood sweetness of young couple

Dipak raga

  • Time-night, season summer, mood compassion

Megh raga

  • Time-mid-day, season monsoon, mood courage

Sri Raga

  • Time-evening, season winter, mood gladness


  • Time-mid night, season winter, mood youthful love


  • Time-morning, season autumn, mood peace and devotional

(3) Taal

  • Basis of rhythm
  • Arrangement of bits in a circular manner
  • Total kinds of taal
  • range of bits- bit to bits
  • taal bits
Indian Music