Details on Mohiniattam & Odishi Dance for Rajasthan PSC Exam

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  • Its name is derived from:
  • Mohini temptress and Attam dance
  • it՚s a graceful dance performed only by women.
  • Theme love, devotion
  • Laasya aspect dominates.
  • It has influences from Bharatanatyam and Kathakali.
  • Music includes Vocal (called chollu) , Veena, flute, Maddalam & Idakka.
  • It is characterized by realistic makeup and simple dressing.
  • Costume includes white or cream sari with gold border and is profusely pleated.
  • Mainly gold ornaments are used as jewelry.
  • Artists Madhvi Amma, chinnamu Amma


Odissi Dance Form
  • It originates from Orissa.
  • Patronized by king kharvel.
  • Theme-radha Krishna love, dashavtar, jagannath philosophy
  • Consists of three schools
    • Mahari
    • Nartaki
    • Gotipua
  • Mahari-devadasi tradition
  • Nartaki-royal courts
  • Gotipua-young boys acting as female
  • Main feautres of performance are:
  • Tribhangi- independent movement of head, chest and pelvis
  • Chauka- basic square stance
Odissi Group Dance Form
  • Odissi music is used.
  • Similar to bharatnatyam in terms of mudras and expression
  • Costume feautres Sari- beautiful cloth wrapped around body in traditional style in bright shades of orange, purple, red or green.
  • Jewelry includes:
  • Tikka (forehead ornament)
  • Allaka (headpiece where tikka hangs)
  • Ear covers in intricate shapes with jumkis (bell shaped earrings) hanging from them Chains
  • Two sets of bangles (thin bracelets) worn on upper arm and wrist
  • Generally group dance create geometrical patterns-most beautiful pattern-spiral odishi performance concludes with a sculpture like pose mobile sculpture.
  • Artists Sonal Mansingh