Popular Art & Pottery: Caves, Sculpture and Pottery for Rajasthan PSC Exam

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Popular Art


  • Real beginning of rock cut architecture
  • Ex. elephant rock cut at Dhauli, Odisha.
  • Mauryan caves vihar
  • Post-mauryan caves chaitya
Mauyaran Period
  • Features
  • Artistic gateway
  • Polishing inside the cave
  • sisters caves of barabar caves caves of Nagarjuni caves
  • Use of caves
  • Vihar: rest places for monks
  • Ajivikas: Jain sect, some caves were given to the monks of this sect.


Yaksh and Yakshni
  • Yaksh and yakshini sculptures
  • Objects of worship in folk religion
  • Places yaksh parkham in UP, pawaya in MP,
  • Yakshini Didarganj in Bihar
  • The sculptor in India took delight in fashioning his beautiful creations in poetic or visual metaphors in preference to direct observation.
  • The surface of figure bears the typical lustrous polish of the period.
  • Striking example of Mauryan art in the 3rd century B. C. is the handsome torso of a male figure from Lohanipur.
  • The modelling of the figure executed in a realistic manner is invested with a wonderful vitality.
  • It probably represents a Jain Tirthankara or a Saviour of the Digambara sect.
  • Yaksha and yakshini figures are related to all three religions
  • Hinduism reference in tamil script-shilpadhikaram
  • Buddhism On the walls of stupa, there are so many sculptures of yaksha.
  • Jainism In the Jain scripts, every teerthankar is found to be associated with one Yakshi.
  • Their native style, distinguished by its simplicity and folk appeal is best represented in monolithic free standing sculptures of Yakshas and Yakshis, discovered from Gwalior and Mathura
  • On the pillars of barhut stupa the figure of Chulakoka Devta representing its indigenous character and folk quality.
  • Yaksha The two amulets strung on his necklace ward off evil spirits from his devotees.
  • The back of his right hand bears an inscription giving the name of the sculptor.


Another Pottery Illustration
  • Northern black polished wear.
  • Maturity and climax in pottery making.
  • Some silver pottery is found.
  • Purpose of silver pottery luxury wear.
  • Red and black pottery.
  • Use of colours red and black.
  • background color red color
  • To draw some design black color.
  • Hence the name black and red pottery.
  • Not handmade but wheel made ware.
  • Some plain pottery, which was more common.
  • Some painted pottery.

Use of Pottery

Pottery Illustration
  • Household purpose
  • For decoration purpose
  • Proof some very small sized pottery.
  • Cannot be used for household or storage purpose.
  • Perforated pottery for straining liqueur.