Tamil Nadu PSC: Livestock

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  • Highest livestock population: UP, Rajasthan, MP, Andhra Pradesh.

  • Highest cattle density W. Bengal 173/sq km; all India average: 59/sq km.

  • Buffalos: Haryana 76/sq km; Punjab 91/sqkm; all India average density: 21/sq km.

  • Sheep: Jammu and Kashmir (highest): 42/sq km; all India average: 15/sqkm.

  • Goats: W.Bengal 123/sq km; all India average density 29/ sq km.

  • Female Buffalos (milk and dry) Chandigarh: 114/ sq km.; Punjab 41 sq km. and all India average 111 sq km.


  • India has largest number in the world, total 20% of world.

  • Maximum cattle is in MP -14% of total Indian cattle.

  • Second is UP; third is Bihar; fourth is West Bengal; fifth is Maharashtra.

  • Sixth Orissa; seventh Karnataka and eighth Rajasthan.

  • Average yield of cow is 1 It. per day, whereas New Zealand produces 3040 It. per day, therefore Indian cow is called 'TeaCup Cow'.

  • Highest density is in W. Bengal (173 cattle/sq. km.), then UP, Bihar, Assam, Kerala, Orissa.

  • Minimum in Nagaland.

  • Milch breed cattle in India are Gir, Sindhi, Red Sindhi, Sahiwal, Thar Parkar and Deoni.

  • Gir is in Saurashtra, Sindhi in Gujarat, Rajasthan and Maharashtra, Red Sindhi in Sindh (Pakistan), Sahiwal in Pakistan, Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan, Deoni is found in Andhra Pradesh.

  • Drought breeds include Nagori in Jodhpur, Haryana, U.P and M P

  • Bauchaur in Bihar, Mahi in M P, Kenkatha or Kenwaria in Banda dist. of U.P, Kherigarh in Kheri dist. of U.P, Halikar and Amritmahal in Tumken, Hassan and Mysore.

  • Khillari in Sholapur and Satara, Bargur and Kangyam in Coimbatore, Siri in Darjeeling and Sikkim.

  • Dual purpose breed i.e both Milch and drought breeds are Thar Parkar in Sindh , Gujarat and Rajasthan, Mewati in Mathura, Bharatpur and Alwar, Kankrej in Gujarat, Rath in Haryana, Nimari in Narmada (M.P), Dhangi in Nasik, Ahmadnagar, Thane, Claba, Gaobao in Chindwara, Wardha and Nagpur, Ongole in Nellore and Guntur.

  • Overall density of cattle is 59 per sq. km.


  • 10% of the total buffalo of the world is India and it is 18% of total livestock of India.

  • Highest density of buffalo is in Punjab (104), Haryana (98), U.P (68).

  • All India density of Buffalo is 25 per sq. km.

  • Highest number of Buffaloes are in Andhra Pradesh, M P, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Bihar, Gujarat, Punjab. Name of Breed and Place l.Murrah (draught breed): Rohtak, Hissar, Gurgaon. 2. Bhadwari: Agra and Etawa, some parts of M.P and Rajasthan; 3. Jafrabadi: Gir in Gujarat; 4. Surti: Gujarat; 5. Nagpuri: Nagpur; 6. Nilirani: Ferozpur (Punjab); 7. Mehsana (Gujarat)

  • There are 7 cattle breeding forms in India: Suratgarh (Rajasthan), Dhamrod (Gujarat), Alamadhi (T N), Chiplima (Orissa), Simligurhi (Orissa), Andesh Nagar (U.P), Hisargatha (Karnataka).

  • Important fodder production termology centres are at Hissar, Kalyani (W Bengal), Gandhinagar, Alamadhi, Suratgarh and Shehoma (J K).


  • All India average is 15%.

  • India has 6th position in the world.

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