General Studies: Important for Exam: Indian History MCQ Part 22

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Q. The Indian king who provided the most spirited and successful resistance against Mahmud of Ghazi was:

(a) Pratihara king Rajmahal

(b) Shah ruler Jayapala

(c) Chandela king Vidyadhar

(d) Chalukyas king Bhīma II

Q. The Indian ruler who, unable to bear the humiliation of his defeat at the hands of Mahmud of Ghazi, burnt himself to death, was:

(a) Pratihara king Rajyapala

(b) Shah king Jay Pala

(c) Shah King Anandapala

(d) Rajas of Bihar

Q. the most important poet at the court of Mahmud of Ghazi, who wrote Shania and is regarded as the ‘immortal Homer of the East’, was:

(a) Urbis

(b) Firdausi

(c) Alberuni

(d) Badinage

Q. Shisha –u –din Muhammad Gore invaded India for:

(a) Spread of Islam

(b) Love of conquest and power

(c) Reconquista of the Trans – Indus areas

(d) All the above

Q. During the course of him numerous invasions, Muhammad Gore (before his was defeated by:

(a) Chalukyas king Bhīma II of Gujarat

(b) Prithviraj Chauhan III of Ajmer

(c) Both (a) and (b) above

(d) The Chandela king Paramaribo

Q. Muhammad Gore laid the foundation of the Turkish Empire in India by defeating:

(a) Prithviraj Chauhan in the Second Battle of Train

(b) Jayachander in battle of Chand war

(c) The Chandela

(d) Both (a) and (b) above

Q. After the capture of Delhi and Ajmer by Muhammad Gore the successors of Prithviraj Chauhan founded a new Chauhan kingdom with its capital at:

(a) Nodule

(b) Barmier

(c) Ranthambhore

(d) Chitter

Q. It is said that Muhammad – bin – Bakhtaran Khadija, one of the commanders of Muhammad Gore, conquered Nadia (one of the capital of Bengal) with only 18 horsemen. The king of Bengal who then fled barefoot from his palace was:

(a) Samantasena

(b) Hemantasena

(c) Vallalasena

(d) Lakshmanasena

Q. The Buddhist universities of Nalanda and Vikramshila in Bihar were destroyed during the invasions of:

(a) Mahmud of Ghazi

(b) Muhammad Gore

(c) Bakhtaran Khadija

(d) Ali Marwan Khalil

Q. the most important cause (s) responsible for the defeat of the Rajput’s against the Turks was /were:

(a) Outdated military organisation of their Rajput’s

(b) Political disunity of India

(c) The iniquitous system of castes

(d) Isolation and insularity of India society

(e) All the above

Q. The real founder of the Sultanate of Delhi and its first dynasty was:

(a) Muhammad Gore

(b) Quit – ud – din Aback

(c) Iltutmish

(d) Balkan

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