Indian History MCQ: General Studies Important for Tripura PSC Exam Part 3

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Q. The epitome and essence of Guru Nanak՚s ideas is to be found in:

(a) Aid Grant

(b) Janaki

(c) Janamaskhis

(d) Babur – vain

Q. Kabir was a contemporary of:

(a) Guru Nanak

(b) Sultan Siyanda Lodi

(c) Both (a) and (b) above

(d) Babur

Q. Marinara and Buck, the founder of the empire of Vijayanagara, named their dynasty as:

(a) Sangamon

(b) Saliva

(c) Toluca

(d) Aramid

Q. The Vijayanagara Empire, Shortly after its foundation, assimilated in its fold fully or partly the territories of the:

(a) Sultanate of Delhi

(b) Sultanate of Madurai

(c) Hoyasala kingdom

(d) All the above

Q. The Sultanate of Delhi in the South was finally eclipsed with the foundation of:

(a) Sultanate of Madurai

(b) Vijayanagara Empire

(c) Bahaman Kingdom

(d) Farooq Kingdom

Q. The founder of the Bahaman kingdom was:

(a) Aladdin Hasan Bahaman Shah

(b) Muhammad Shah I

(c) Ahmad Shah

(d) Firuz Shah

Q. The first capital of the Bahaman kingdom was:

(a) Gulbarga

(b) Bidder

(c) Daulatabad

(d) Golconda

Q. The Vijayanagara and the Bahaman kingdom fought relentlessly throughout the period of their existence for the possession of:

(a) Goa

(b) Goa, Dahl and Caulk

(c) Telangana

(d) Rancher Doab

Q. The Bahaman power reached its Zenith during the Prime Minister ship of:

(a) Khawaja Johan Turk

(b) Khaled Hasan

(c) Mahmud Gawain

(d) Ali Braid

Q. The Russian traveler who visited and left an account of the Bahaman kingdom was:

(a) Nicola Conti

(b) Domingo paise

(c) Athanasius Nicotine

(d) Ludovico Varthema

Q. At the close of the 15th century the Bahaman kingdom declined and disintegrate into five states on account of:

(a) Weak and incompetent Bahaman rulers

(b) Stress of relentless wars with the Empire of Vijayanagara

(c) The execution of the Bahaman Prime Minister Mahmud Gawain

(d) Long – drawn rivalry between the two groups of the Bahaman nobility, viz. , the foreign (Iraqi) and native (Deccan)

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