General Studies: Important for Exam: Medieval Indian History MCQ Part 44

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Q. The term ‘ours’ refers to

(a) Ancestral lands

(b) a category of land

(c) The death anniversary of a Sufi saint

(d) Mystical Path

Q. Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched?

(a) Rhumba – Congregational Friday prayers which acknowledge the legitimate ruler of the kingdom.

(b) Karroo – A revenue official under Akbar.

(c) Langat – Community kitchens established by certain Sufi saints and Sikh Gurus

(d) Caritas – A permit given by the English East India Company to other merchants trading in the India Ocean.

Q. Short lyrics composed by Medieval Maharashtra bhakti poets were called

(a) Doard

(b) Sikhism

(c) A bhang

(d) Sab ad

Q. The utterances of which of the following Bhakti Saints have not been included in the Sikh scripture, Aid Grantham?

(a) Eknath

(b) Ramdev

(c) Akbar

(d) Rapides

Q. Sadr – us Sadr the head of the ecclesiastical department under the Mughal, was not connected with

(a) Protection of the laws of the Shari act

(b) Distribution of Charities – both cash and land revenue grants

(c) Execution of court order’s

(d) Judicial matters

Q. Which of the following Tughluqs sultan ruled in north India at the time of Timor’s invasion?

(a) Nasiruddin Mahmud Tughluqs

(b) Faros Tughluqs

(c) Muhammad bin Tughluqs

(d) Ghiyasuddin Tughluqs

Q. Which of one the3 following aspects of Akbar’s religious policy recognized his superiority over the interpreters of law?

(a) Ibadan Khanna

(b) Mazak

(c) Suhl –i- Kula

(d) Tahir –i- lahk

Q. Which of the following statements correctly describes the Zac and Sawari ranks?

(a) The zat rank determined whether the Mansabdari would be a military officer or civil servant.

(b) The Sawari rank indicated the horses and elephants to be maintained by the officer.

(c) Zat rank indicated the personal status of the noble while the Sawari rank determined the number of horsemen and horses the Mansabdari was required to maintain.

(d) Sawari rank was either equal to the Zat rank or was higher than the zat rank.

Q. Aid – Grantham, the holy scripture of the Sikhs, was compiled by

(a) Guru Nanak

(b) Guru Armadas

(c) Guru Arjun Dev

(d) Guru Govind Singh

Q. The authorship of priothvirajrasau has been traditionally attributed to

(a) Chand Barbadian

(b) Padmanabh

(c) Chintamani

(d) Jan Kava

Q. Who among the following poets, was called Saudi of India?

(a) Amir Khosla

(b) Fazio

(c) Hasan Dahlia

(d) Abdu Rahim

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