Debate Topic: Working Days for Public & Private Sectors Should be Reduced to 5 Days a Week

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For the motion

  • The working days should be reduced to 5 days a week because it isn՚t quantity & duration of work but quality which matters. When 23 crores of people of America working 5 days a week can make their nation developed; why can՚t 105 Crores of Indians do that?
  • The fact encircles a vicious circle depicting good rest leads to good health which promotes efficiency; improves quality & leads to enhanced output which is the ultimate aim of each sector (Public or private) .
  • Introduction of technologies (eg. Computers) in nearly every walks of life has to decrease in the work & so, present revelance of 5 days work sounds nice.
  • Out of the 6 days a week in present scenario, Saturday remains half day in many sectors. This automatically leads to stagnating situations at weekends & in many cases it remains a mere formality.
  • Generally, it is seen that after Sundays, the efficiency on first working day increases tremendously with inborn zeal & diminish. Hence, there can be a second holiday in mid of week to back up & enhance the inner motives of a person.
  • Reduction in in days to work is much better than calling them daily inspite of their will & interest, Ordering cups of tea, killing time in gossiping, extending lunch house & many more observations which can be made. The only conservations is increased expenditure of the sector. Where it is difficult to maintain a steady work rate; it appears only proper rest & health can revive their spirits which are a product of increase in holidays.