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Cyclones, Formation & Its 2 Types


What are cyclones, its formation and two types –

Tropical and

Temperate cyclone.

Tropical Cyclone – Region

Tropical Cyclone – Region Image

Tropical Cyclone – Origin

Tropical Cyclone – Origin Image

Tropical Cyclone – Development

  • Tropical cyclones develop only over warm waters.
  • Low-level winds evaporate water
  • Transfer energy from the ocean into the atmosphere as clouds and precipitation.
  • Encourage more warm air to flow in from the outside.
  • Able to survive over the water. Weaken tremendously after they hit land
  • Do not form at higher altitudes.
Tropical Cyclone – Development Image

Tropical Cyclone – Structure

Tropical Cyclone – Structure Iamge

The Eye of the Storm

It is the center of the storm somewhere around 10 kilometers in diameter, and is the core of the storm.


  • Rainbands rotate.
  • Heavy precipitation falls due to rainbands.

Tropical Cyclone - Characteristics

Tropical Cyclone - Classification

Temperate Cyclone – Life Cycle

Northern and Southern Hemisphere Iamge

Temperate Cyclone - Characteristics

Temperate Cyclone – Source


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