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Functional Classification of Towns - Ashok Mitra, Shekhar Mukherjee and M.K. Jain

Functional Classification of Towns – Ashok Mitra - Shekhar Mukherjee - M. K. Jain

Based on 1961 and 1971 Classification

Categories are:

1: Cultivation

2: Agricultural labor

3: Forestry fishing & plantation

4: Mining & quarrying

5a: Household industry

5b: Manufacturing other than household industry

6: Construction

7: Trade & commerce

8: Transport, storage & communication

9: Services Function type image-1

Function Type Image-1
Function Type Image-2
Function Type Image-3
Manufacturing Image

In 2001: In 2001 census, workers (main & marginal) have been divided into: cultivators, agriculture laborers, workers in household & other workers.

Shekhar Mukherjee Classification

M. K. Jain Classification

  • Mono-Functional
  • Bi-functional
  • Multi-functional

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