Areal Differentiation (Hartshorne) & Regional Synthesis (Berry) : Perspectives in Human Geography YouTube Lecture Handouts

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Areal Differentiation (Hartshorne) & Regional Synthesis (Berry): Perspectives in Human Geography

Characteristics and Aspects

  • Describe and Interpret Differences in Different Areas
  • Interaction of Physical and Human Geography

History of Areal Differentiation

  • Hecate us of Miletus
  • Strabo - Person who describes the parts of earth
  • Hartshorne - Unique regions reveal the co-variation of phenomena that can only be understood through identifying these regions – “NATURE OF GEORAPHY”
  • Agnew - Degrees of sameness & difference

3 Reasons for Differences in Different Areas

  • Interrelation of different phenomena
  • Differential character of these phenomena & complexes
  • Areal expression of phenomena - chorology

Critic of Areal Differentiation

Critic of Areal Differentiation

Regional Synthesis

Regional Synthesis - 2
Regional Synthesis - 2


Identify location with similar associations of activities and linking comparatively homogenous locations in the region

Attributes of Region

Atrributes of Region

Relations in Regional Concept

Relations in Regional Concept

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