15th Century States Bengal, Assam, Orissa

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  • The rise of 15th century states had threatened the centralized power of Delhi Sultanate and finally led to the disintegration of the Empire.
  • It was Mughals who once again established a centralized state system in India.


  • After the death of Bahrain Khan, the Governor of Sonara-on, Fakividdin. Mubarak Shah succeeded and declared him indpendent;
  • Fakruddin Mubarak adopted the title Yamin Khalifa-i-Allah;
  • He died in 1349 - 50;
  • He was succeeded by his son Ikhtyaruddin Gazi Shah, but in 1353, East Bengal was conquered by Samsuddin Qiyas Shah and he became the Sultan;
  • Samsuddin defeated Tirhut (Muzaffarpur in Bihar) ;
  • He conquered some areas of Nepal and reached upto Kathmandu;
  • During his Orissa expedition he defeated Bhanu Dev U, who was Ganga Raja;
  • Next King was Sultan Sikandar Elyasi Shahi
  • He was the son of Samsuddin Eliyas Shah;
  • He was defeated by Firoze Shah Tughlak;
  • He was succeeded by Ghiyasuddin Azam Shah (1389 - 1409) ;
  • He was friend of famous poet Hafiz of Shiraz;
  • His reign was famous for Justice;
  • He sent his envoys to China in 1405 and 1409;
  • He was succeeded by Saifuddin Hamza (1410 - 1412) ;
  • He was succeeded by Allauddin Firoz Shah (1414 - 1415) ;
  • Raja Ganesha was the local Zamindar of Dinajpur;
  • He usurped the throne; when Sultan Ebrahim invaded Bengal, Ganesha fled;
  • Next in succession was Jallaluddin Md. Shah, whose reign lasted upto 1431;
  • Some historians say that Jalaluddin Md. Shah was Rasa. QassesSsa: ,
  • He was succeeded by Samsuddin Ahmad Shah (1431 - 1435) ;

Restoration of Dyas Sahi Dynasty

  • The first king of Iliyas Shahi, after their restoration was Nasiraddin Md. Shah (1437 - 1459) ;
  • He transferred his capital to Gaur;
  • The next king was Ruknuddin Barbak Shah;


  • Barbak Shah (1459 - 1474)
    • Shah Ismail Gazi, a popular saint of N. Bengal, lived during his reign;
    • Maladhar Basu, writer of Sri Krishna Vijay, was awarded the title Gunraj Khan;


  • Yasuf Shah (1474 - 1481)
    • He built the Jami Mosque at Darrasabari;


  • Fath Shah (1481 - 1487)
    • He was the last king of Ilyas Shahi dynasty;
  • Saifuddin Firoz (1487 - 14901)
    • He was an Abyssinian;
  • Nasiruddin Mehmood (1490 - 1491)
  • Shamsuddin Muzaffar Shah (1491 - 1493)
  • Allauddin Hussain Shah (1493 - 1519)
  • Nusrat Shah (1519 - 1532) :
    • He translated Mahabarat into Bengali;
    • He was succeeded by Allauddin Firoze;
  • Allauddin Firoze (1532 - 1538)


  • In 1204, Bakhtiyar Khilji tried to conquer Assam but failed;
  • Assam was divided into 3 parts
  • West Assam - was under Kanata dynasty;
  • East Assam was under Ahom dynasty;
  • Some parts of Assam were under Bhuyan - small
  • Poet Shankar Dev lived during this period;


Gangchoda Dynasty

  • The most important king was Ananda Varman;
  • He built Jagannath Temple at Puri and Sun Temple of Konark;
  • Firoze Shah Tughlak in 1360, raided Ganga Choda dynasty;
  • He destroyed the Jagannath Temple;
  • King Bhanuder submitted to Firoz Shah Tughlak;

Gaiapati Dynasty

  • It was founded by Kapilendra;

Bhoj Dynasty

  • It was founded by Govinda;

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