UPPSC General Studies 2012 Solved Paper (Part 12 of 15)

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  1. ‘Swabhiman Scheme’ launched in India is associated with

    1. Rural women rights

    2. Rural old people care

    3. Rural banking

    4. Rural food security

    Answer: c

  2. The largest share of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in India comes from

    1. agriculture and allied sectors

    2. manufacturing. Construction, electricity and gas

    3. service sector

    4. defence and Public administration

    Answer: c

  3. The most common measure of estimating inflation in India is

    1. Price Index

    2. Wholesale Price Index

    3. Consumer Price Index

    4. Price Index of Industrial Goods

    Answer: b

  4. What percentage of the total population of the world resides in India, as estimated in the vear 2011?

    1. 15

    2. 17.5

    3. 20.0

    4. 22.5

    Answer: b

  5. As per the provisional figures of 2011 Census of India, which one of the following States has the highest child sex ratio?

    1. Chhattisgarh

    2. Haryana

    3. Uttar Pradesh

    4. Punjab

    Answer: a

  6. Which of the following is the most Populous State in India as per the provisional figures of Census of India 2011?

    1. Madhya Pradesh

    2. Andhra Pradesh

    3. Odisha

    4. Uttar Pradesh

    Answer: d

  7. A country's natural capital includes all of the following except:

    1. Forests

    2. Water

    3. Roads

    4. Minerals

    Answer: c

  8. The National Institute for the Visually Handicapped is situated at

    1. Kolkata

    2. Dehradun

    3. Mumbai

    4. Hyderabad

    Answer: b

  9. Who maintains the foreign exchange reserve in India?

    1. Reserve Bank of India

    2. State Bank of India

    3. Ministry of Finance, Government of India

    4. Export-Import Bank of India

    Answer: a

  10. Which one of the following countries was the first to adopt family planning programme officially?

    1. Brazil

    2. USA

    3. India

    4. China

    Answer: d