UPPSC Prelims General Studies 2011 Paper (Part 14 of 15)

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  1. With which of the physiological process Thrombin is associated?

    1. Excretion

    2. Blood clotting

    3. Reproduction

    4. Growth

    Answer: b

  2. AIDS is caused by

    1. Bacteria

    2. Fungus

    3. Helminth

    4. Virus

    Answer: d

  3. Which of the following is NOT the normal function of the human kidney?

    1. Regulation of water level in the blood.

    2. Regulation of sugar level ill the blood.

    3. filter out urea.

    4. Secretion of several hormones.

    Answer: d

  4. Retina of the eye is comparable to which of the following parts of a traditional camera?

    1. Film

    2. Lens

    3. Shutter

    4. Cover

    Answer: a

  5. Which one of the following is used as a moderator in the nuclear reactor?

    1. Thorium

    2. Graphite

    3. Radium

    4. Ordinary water

    Answer: b

  6. Refrigeration helps in food preservation by

    1. killing the germs

    2. reducing the rate of biochemical reactions

    3. destroying enzyme action.

    4. sealing the food with a layer of ice.

    Answer: b

  7. Electric bulb filament is made of

    1. Copper

    2. Aluminium

    3. Lead

    4. Tungsten

    Answer: d

  8. Which mirror is used as a rear view mirror in the vehicles?

    1. Plane

    2. Convex

    3. Concave

    4. Inverted

    Answer: b

  9. Which one of the following is a part of Infotech Terminology?

    1. Protocol

    2. Login

    3. Archie

    4. All the above

    Answer: d

  10. Inventor and founder of www is

    1. Timbernrus

    2. N. Russel

    3. Lee N. Fiyong

    4. Bill Gates

    Answer: a