UPPSC Prelims Geography 2011 Paper (Part 7 of 8)

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  1. If the R F is 1: 40 which of the following distances can be correctly shown by using a diagonal scale?

    1. 2.0 metre

    2. 2.3 metre

    3. 2.33 metre

    4. 2.333 metre

  2. Which of the following amount of rainfall is depicted by the symbol, on the Indian Daily Weather Maps?

    1. -0.15 cm

    2. -0.25 cm

    3. -0.75 cm

    4. -1.50 cm

  3. The symbol ● represents which one of the following status of clouds in Indian Daily Weather Maps?

    1. ⅝ low clouds

    2. ¾ high clouds

    3. ⅞ low clouds

    4. overcast high clouds

  4. The three point problem in geological maps is faced when

    1. An outcrop is fully visible at only one point

    2. An outcrop is partly visible only at one point

    3. An outcrop is partly visible at many points

    4. None of the above

  5. In which of the following map projections, all latitudes are standard parallel?

    1. Polyconic projection

    2. Simple conic projection

    3. Bonne's projection

    4. Mercator's projection

  6. Which one of the following symbols is used on the Weather Map of India to indicate a wind speed of 15 knots/hour?

  7. On the given diagram the shape of the slope profile along A-B line will result in a slope profile showing

    1. Convex slope

    2. Concave slope

    3. Undulating slope

    4. Terraced slope

  8. Which one of the following South-East Asian countries predominantly consists of Christian community population?

    1. Thailand

    2. Indonesia

    3. Malaysia

    4. Philippines

  9. Which one of the foIlowing is different from the others?

    1. Prairies

    2. Selvas

    3. Sundarban

    4. Pampas

  10. Which one of the following is the more stable trait for the classi fication of human races?

    1. Nasal Index

    2. Cephalic Index

    3. Hair Structure

    4. Skin colour

  11. following scholars the concept of Which one of the has propounded Humanism?

    1. Yi-Fu-Tuan

    2. R. Hartshorne

    3. David Harvey

    4. Peter Haggett

  12. Who of the following has used the world Geopacifics?

    1. T Griffith Taylor

    2. Mackindcr

    3. Hartshorne

    4. Huntington

  13. Which one of the following is the port city of Sooth Africa?

    1. Bloemfontein

    2. East London

    3. Johannesburg

    4. Kimberley

    • Assertion (A): Chernozems are black soils.
    • Reason (R): They are deficient in organic matter.

    Select the correct answer from the code given below: Codes:

    1. Both (A) and (R) are true and (R) is the correct explanation of (A).

    2. Both (A) and (R) are true but (R) is not the correct explanation of (A).

    3. (A) is true but (R) is false.

    4. (A) is false but (R) is true.

  14. The ‘zone and strata’ theory about the evolution of human races was propounded by

    1. A. C. Haddon

    2. A. L. Krober

    3. J H Hutton

    4. G. Taylor

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