UPPSC Prelims Political Science 2011 Paper (Part 1 of 8)

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  1. Which of the following institutions does not deal with pulic grievances?

    1. Lok Ayukta

    2. Supreme Court

    3. High Court

    4. Planning Commission

  2. The Khilafat Movement was started by whom of the following?

    1. Ali Brothers

    2. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

    3. Mohammad Iqbal

    4. Zakir Hussain

  3. Which one of the following articles of Indian Constitution empowers the President to appoint comptroller and Auditor General of India?

    1. Article 147

    2. Article 148

    3. Article 149

    4. Article 151

  4. The seat of a member of Parliament can be declared vacant if the member is absent from the house without permission for a period of

    1. Three year

    2. Two year

    3. One year

    4. Sixty days

  5. Which of the following is not a Fundamental Duty under the Indian Constitution?

    1. To protect monuments of national importance

    2. To safeguard public property

    3. To develop scientific temper

    4. To uphold the unity and integrity of the nation

  6. The Quorum for the meeting of the Legislative Assembly is

    1. One tenth of the total membership or ten members, whichever is greater

    2. Not less than twelve members

    3. Not less than twenty members

    4. Number determined by the speaker

  7. The Chief Election Commissioner of Indian can be removed from office by

    1. President of India

    2. Council of Ministers

    3. Supreme Court

    4. Procedure laid down for the removal of a judge of the Supreme Court

  8. Financial distribution of taxes between Union and States takes place on the basis of recommendations of which of the following bodies?

    1. The Planning Commission

    2. The National Devlopment Council

    3. The Finance Commission

    4. The National Advisory Council

  9. Which one of the following pairs is not properly matched?

    1. 42nd Amendment-Fundamental Duties

    2. 52nd Amendment-Anti Defection Law

    3. 73rd Amendment-Panchayati Raj

    4. 84th Amendment-Center-State Relations

  10. In case of decision on the question as to disqualification of members of either house of the Parliament, the final decision is taken by

    1. The Supreme Court

    2. The Election Commission

    3. The President after obtaining the opinion of the Election Commission

    4. The Chief Justice of Supreme Court

  11. Who among the following holda the view that the State is prior to individual?

    1. Plato

    2. Aristotle

    3. Hobbes

    4. Hegel

  12. Who among the following defined the States as ‘a politically organized people of a definite territory’

    1. Garner

    2. Bluntschli

    3. Laski

    4. Wilson

  13. The statement the ‘the State is a political super-structure on Economic base’ is associated with which of the following?

    1. Social Contract Theory

    2. Organic Theory

    3. Evolutionary Theory

    4. Marxist Theory

  14. Who among the following was first to propound the concept of popular sovereigntly?

    1. Hobbes

    2. Locke

    3. Rousseau

    4. Mill

  15. Who among the following was the first exponent of organic theory of state?

    1. Plato

    2. Spencer

    3. Machiavelli

    4. Marx

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