Electrical Engineering Practice Impotent Questions Part 1

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18-If in the transfer function of a system, there is present a zero in mirror image position for every pole in LHS half plane, and then the system is called

A. Minimum phase system

B. Non-minimum phase system

C. All pass system

D. All stop system

Ans: C. All pass system

19-Zeros are complex frequencies of a transfer function where the response becomes

A. Infinite

B. Zero

C. Oscillatory

D. Exponentially decaying

Ans: B. Zero

20-When a control system is required to have a power level higher than the

Capability of the linear electronic amplifiers, which of the following is preferred?

A. Amplidyne

B. AC servomotor

C. AC tachometer

D. Metadyne

Ans: A. Amplidyne

21-Transfer function of the control system depends upon

A. System parameters alone

B. Nature of the input

C. Initial condition of input and output

D. Nature of the output

Ans: A. System parameters alone

22-For a transfer function where and are polynomials in s. then:

A. The degree of P (s) is always greater than the degree of Q (s)

B. The degree of P (s) and Q (s) are same

C. Degree of P (s) is independent of degree of Q (s)

D. Maximum degree of P (s) and Q (s) differ at most by one

Ans: C. Degree of P (s) is independent of degree of Q (s)

23-Slope of asymptote in Bode plot of 2nd order system is … per octave.

A. 18 dB

B. 12dB

C. 06 dB

D. 03 dB

Ans: B. 12dB

23-Which of the following control systems provides good performance if Offset is to be avoided?

A. Proportional action

B. Proportional plus Integral action

C. Proportional plus differential action

D. Proportional plus integral action plus differential action

Ans: B. Proportional plus Integral action

24-For a type 1 system, the position error arises at steady state when there is a:

A. Constant acceleration input

B. Step displacement input

C. Ramp or velocity input

D. Unit parabolic input

Ans: C. Ramp or velocity input

25-The device that can act as a complete electronic circuit is:

A. Zener diode

B. Junction diode

C. Integrated Circuit

D. Junction transistor

Ans: C. Integrated Circuit