Uttar Pradesh PSC: Sentence Completion Questions (Practice-Test 9 of 31)

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  1. To reach Simonville, the traveller needs to drive with extreme caution along the ____ curves of mountain road that climbs ____ to the summit.

    1. serpentine-steeply

    2. jagged-steadily

    3. gentle-precipitously

    4. shady-steadily

    5. hair-raising-languidly

  2. The cricket match seemed ____ to our guests; they were used to watching sports in which the action is over in a couple of hours at the most.

    1. unintelligible

    2. inconsequential

    3. interminable

    4. implausible

    5. evanescent

  3. Our present accountant is most ____; unlike the previous _____ incumbent, he has never made a mistake in all the years that he has worked for the firm.

    1. unorthodox-heretical

    2. dependable-assiduous

    3. punctilious-painstaking

    4. asinine-diligent

    5. meticulous-unreliable

  4. The refugee's poor grasp of English is hardly an _____ problem; she can attend classes and improve within a matter of months.

    1. implausible

    2. insuperable

    3. inconsequential

    4. evocative

    5. injudicious

  5. We appreciated his ____ summary of situation; he wasted no words yet delineated his position most ____.

    1. comprehensive: Inadequately

    2. succinct: Direfully

    3. cogent: Persuasively

    4. verbose: Concisely

    5. grandiloquent: Eloquently

  6. His musical tastes are certainly ____; he has recordings ranging from classical piano performances to rock concerts, jazz and even Chinese opera.

    1. antediluvian

    2. eclectic

    3. harmonious

    4. sonorous

    5. dazzling

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