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Image of Folk Dance Chhau

Image of Folk Dance Chhau

Folk Dance Chhau

  • Recognized by UNESCO.

  • Mask dance

  • Chhau means chhaya or shadow.

  • Theme mythological based on Ramayana or Mahabharata conflict between God and Evil.

  • Martial movements are present here

  • Hindustani music

  • Performed during Chaitra nonth

  • 3 sub styles

  • Sarai kella chhau popular in Jharkhand

  • Purulia chhau in West Bengal

  • Mayurbhanj chhau mask is not used.

Purulia Chhau

Image of Purulia chhau

Image of Purulia Chhau

  • Originated from the Purulia distrct.

  • Mostly performed in the open space or ground field during the night.

  • It is a mask dance performed only by the male dancers.

  • The masks are made up from the clay and paper.

  • It is mythological, as it is mainly based on various episodes of the epics Ramayana and Mahabharata.

  • As the singer complete the invocation song, a host of drummers and musicians start beating the Dhol and the Dhamsa.

Martial Dances

Image of Martial Arts

Image of Martial Arts

  • Gatka from Punjab nihanga community

  • Thangta from Manipur display of swords important.

  • Kalaripattu from kerala.

Art& Culture

Image of Indian States and Folk Dances

Image of Indian States and Folk Dances

Visual Arts

Visual Arts Illustration

Visual Arts Illustration

Image of Visual Arts

Image of Visual Arts

  • Indian Architecture

  • Indian Sculpture

Performing Arts

Image of Performig Arts

Image of Performig Arts

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