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Why Coral Bleaching Occurs? 8 Major Causes & Human Intervention

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The concept of coral bleaching, importance of corals, why bleaching occurs, major causes and human intervention as a main concern for depleting corals.


  1. Zooxanthellae provide up to 90 per cent of the energy corals require to grow and reproduce.

  2. Coral bleaching breaks the relationship between the coral host and zooxanthellae

  3. Coral appears transparent.

  4. Most corals struggle to survive without zooxanthellae.

  5. Decrease coral growth and reproduction

  6. Die if the stress persists.

  7. Can take many years or decades to recover.

Coral Bleaching Image

Coral Bleaching Image

Arthur’S Comparison

Arthur’s Comparison Iamge

Arthur’S Comparison Iamge


Causes Image

Causes Image

Statistics Great Barrier Reef

Statistics Great Barrier Reef Iamge

Statistics Great Barrier Reef Iamge

Human Impact

What Can We Do?

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