Indus Valley Civilization-Chanhudaro, Suktagendor and Banawali

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  • It is 80 km from Mahenjodaro at Sarkand in Sindh.

  • Excavated by N. G. Majumdari and later by Mackay in 1935.

  • Harappan and Post-Harappan sites found.

  • Remnants of Jhukkar and Jhangar culture.

  • Ink pot has been found.

  • One of the greatest center of Camelian bead making.

  • No citadel has been found.

  • Drainage system was well developed.

  • Copper arms and ammunition have been found.

  • Bone tools and utensils have also been found.

  • Steatite-made square seals found.

  • Centre of shell-making and bangle making.


  • In South Baluchistan on the Makran coast.

  • Excavated by Aurel Stein.

  • Citadel has been found.

  • Copper axe has been excavated.

  • Human urns have been found in pottery.

  • Birds picture appear on pottery.

  • It was a coastal trade center.


  • In Hissar district in Haryana.

  • Pre-harappan and Post-harappan sites found.

  • Excavated by R. S. Bisht in 1973.

  • Citadel found.

  • No drainage system found.

  • Good quality of barley found.

  • Tools and figurines have been found.

  • 12 horned tiger seal found.

  • A clay model plough found.

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