Vijayanagar Bahmani Kingdom Adil Shahi Dynasty, Imad Shahi Dynasty, Barid Shahi Dynasty and Qutub Shahi Dynasty

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Adil Shahi Dynasty of Bijapur

Detailed map of Adil Shahi Dynasty

Adil Shahi Dynasty

Detailed map of Adil Shahi Dynasty

  • Yusuf Adil Khan founded the dynasty in 1490;

  • He was a Georgian slave;

Ismail Adil Khan (1510-1534)

  • In 1504, he captured Gulbarga;

  • He was a skilled musician;

Tsmail Adil Khan (1510-1534)

  • He established Sunni faith as the state religion;

  • During his reign Albequerque, the Portuguese Governor captured Goa;

  • He was a great patron of Art;

  • He married a Maratha lady Babuji Khannum;

  • He was an expert painter;

Malu Adil Khan (1534-15351

Ibrahim Adil Shah I (1535-1557)

  • He was the first to adopt the title of Shah;

  • He replaced Persian by Hindavi Deccani Urdu;

  • In 1555, he employed the Marathas for the first time;

  • He defeated the Vijaya-nagar king; Rama Raya;

Ali Adil Shah I (1557-1580):-

  • He re-established Shia faith; during his reign, the wall of Bijapur city was constructed;

  • He built the Zami Masjid, Mecca Masjid and Gagan Mahal;

  • He was called a Sufi;

  • Secularism was resumed during his reign;

  • He appointed Acharya Vaman Pandit;

Ibrahim Adil Shah II (1580-1637)

  • He was called 'Jagat Guru';

  • He built Andha Mahal, Mihtar Mahal, Malika Jahan Masjid;

  • During his reign Farista compiled 'Tarik-i-Farista';

  • He wrote a book called 'Nauras Nama';

  • He built his capital 'Nauraspur';

  • "Hens gave grants to 'Pandharpur';

  • During his reign Akka-Madina flourished;

  • He built Gol Gumbaz, it was his Mausoleum (Makbara);

  • He also built Asar Mahal;

  • He was the greatest king of the dynasty;

Ali Adil Shah II (1656-1672)

  • He was a patron of Urdu literature;

  • During his reign a lot of Urdu Deccani Scholars flourished - Mia Nursali, Miahansi, Mirzan Marsiyan;

  • Adil Shah wrote 2 books:

    1. Gulshan-i-Ishq;

    2. Ali Nama;

  • Nursali composed 2 books

    1. Kasida and

    2. Diwan-i-Gazal;

  • Mia Hansi wrote the story of Yusuf and Zulaikha and a book called Gazals;

Sikandar Adil Shah (1672-1686)

In September 1686, he surrendered to Aurangzeb;

Imad Shahi Dynasty of Berar

It was the shortest post-Bahmani dynasty;

Adil Shah Imad-Ul-Mulk (1490-1504)

He was originally a Hindu from Karnataka;

Allauddin Imad Shahi (1504-1562)

Darya Imad Shahi (1530-1562)

Burhan Imad Shah (1562-1572)

Murtaza II captured Berar in 1574;

Barid Shahi Dynasty of Bidar

Detaied map of Barid Shahi Dynasty

Barid Shahi Dynasty

Detaied map of Barid Shahi Dynasty

Kasim Barid (1504):-

He was the P.M. in the Bahamani dynasty;

Amir Barid (1504-42)

He is known as the 'Fox of Deccan' and Rabah-i-Deccan;

Ali Barid Shah (1542-1579)

  • He was the first to assume the title 'Shah';

  • In 1564, he joined the confederacy of Muslim states along with Ahmadnagar, Golconda and Bijapur against Vijayanagar;

  • He built the Tomb of Bidar;

  • He built 'Rangin Mahal';

Ibrahim Barid Shah (1587-1591)

Kasim Barid Shah II (1587-1591)

Amir Barid Shah II (1591-1601)

Mirza Ali Barid Shah M (1601-1609)

  • He was the last Sultan of Bidar;

  • In 1619, Ibrahim Adil Shah II annexed Bidar into Bijapur;

Qutub Shahi Dynasty of Golconda

Detaied Map of Qutub Shahi Dynasty of Golconda

Qutub Shahi Dynasty

Detaied Map of Qutub Shahi Dynasty of Golconda

Ouli-Qutub-Ul-Mulk (1494-1543)

  • He was the founder of the Qutub Shahi dynasty;

  • He belongs to the Turkish family;

  • He was born at Hamadan in Persia;

  • He never assumed the title Shah;

  • He built the Zami Masjid of Golconda and was a Shia, by faith;

  • Jamshed Qutub Shah (1543-80)

Ibrahim Qutub Shah (1550-80)

  • He was the ruler of the Qutubshahi dynasty

  • He fortified Golcunda;

  • He established Alms house and Langar;

  • He built numerous colleges;

  • He built a dam at Budawal;

  • He built two tanks;

  • Ibrahim Pattam;

  • Hussain Sagar;

  • He also built a strong bridge on the river Musi Warna.

  • This bridge is called the 'Old Bridge';

  • During his reign, Deccani Urdu flourished;

  • Four famous Deccani Urdu poet lived during his reign:

    1. Mullah Khiyali;

    2. Mahmood;

    3. Firoze;

    4. Ahmad;

  • A number of Telgu poets also flourished during his reign like Addanki, Gangadhar Kavi, Telangcharya, Rudrakavi;

  • Gangadhar Kavi has written a famous book Malki Bahram;

  • Jagdeva Rao Naikwani was the P.M.;

Md. Quli Qutub Shah (1580-1612)

  • He constructed a new capital at Hyderabad;

  • He built Char Minar;

  • He built Chandan Mahal, Hira Mahal, and Nadi Mahal;

  • He wrote the first Diwan poems of Deccani Urdu;

  • He adopted secularism in epics;

  • He distributed 60,000 hums;

Md. Qutub Shah (1612-1626)

  • He formed a confederacy of Deccani states against Mughals;

  • During his reign Tarik-i-Md. Qutub Shah was completed;

  • His real name was Zill-i-Ullah i.e. Shadow of God;

Abdulla Oulab Shah (1626-1672)

  • He ascended the throne at the age of 12;

  • Mir Zumla was his Prime Minister.

  • Mir Zumla plundered a lot of Hindu Temples;

  • His original name was Md. Sayyed;

Abdul Hassan Qutub Shah (1672-1687)

  • Akka-Madanna pair flourished during his reign;

  • Madanna was the P.M. and adopted the title Surya Prakash Rao;

  • Brother Akkana was the commander-in-Chief;

  • Golcunda was captured by Aurangzeb in 1687;

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