UPPSC General Studies Syllabus

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Paper I

History of India and Indian culture will cover the broad history of the country from about the middle of thenineteenth century and would also include questions on Gandhi, Tagore and Nehru. The part on currentevents of national and international importance will include questions also on sports and games.

  1. History of India-Ancient, Mediaeval, Modern

  2. Indian National Movement and Indian Culture

  3. Popula-tion, Environment and Urbanization in Indian Context

  4. World Georaphy, Geography of India and its naturalresources.

  5. Current events of national and international importance.

  6. Indian Agriculture, Trade and Commerce.

  7. Specific knowledge of U P regarding education, culture Agriculture, Trade Commerce, The methods of living and Social Customs.

General Studies Paper-II

The part relating to the Indian polity will include questions on the political system in India and Indian consti-tution. The Indian economy will cover broad features of economic policy in India. The part relating to roleand impact of science and technology in the development of India, questions will be asked to test thecandidates awareness in this field Emphasis will be on the applied aspects. The part relating to statisticalanalysis, graphs and diagrams will include exercise to test the candidates ability to draw common senseconclusions from information presented in statistical graphical or diagrammatical form and to point out defi-ciencies limitation or inconsistencies there in:

  1. Indian Polity

  2. Indian Economy

  3. General Science (Role of Science and technology in the developmentof India including science in every day life)

  4. General Mental ability.

  5. Statistical Analysis, Graphs and Diagrams.