History of USA 2000 Solved MCQs Uttarakhand PSC Set 1

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Q.1 America was named after:

(a) Christopher Columbus

(b) Amerigo Vespucci

(c) Ferdinand Magellan

Answer : B

Q.2 How many British Colonies declared independence from England in 1776 to form the United States?


(b) 20

(c) 51

Answer : A

Q.3 The Boston Tea Incident took place in:

(a) 1770


(c) 1789

Answer : B

Q.4 California was settled most rapidly after_____________ was discovered in 1848:

(a) gold

(b) coal

(c) natural gas

Answer : A

Q.5 With which country U.S.A. signed the rush-Bagot Treaty?

(a) Britain

(b) France

(c) spain

Answer : A

Q.6 who succeeded president Abraham Lincoln?

(a) Ulysses S. Grant

(b) Martin Van Buren

(c) Andrew Johnson

Answer : C

Q.7 Alaska was purchased from Russia in:

(a) 1857

(b) 1867

(c) 1901

Answer : C

Q.8 Susan B. Anthony was an outspoken advocate of:

(a) Women‟s rights

(b) Anti Slavery Movement

(c) Transcendentalism

Answer: A

Q.9 Ku Klux Klan was organized in the state of:

(a) New Jersey

(b) Florida

(c) Tennessee

Answer: C

Q.10 Who were carpetbaggers?

(a) Northern Businessmen

(b) Noth Businessmen

(c) None of above

Answer: A

Explanation : Carpetbaggers were Northern businessmen who arrived in the South in the early days of Reconstruction (1865–77) period after the Civil War in the United States

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