Uttarakhand PSC: Regional Human Geography: G geography notes on ethinc groups, languages and religious affiliations of countries starting with G

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Table Shows Regional Human Geography: G
Table Shows Regional Human Geography: G


Ethnic groups Fang 36 percent Mpongwe 15 percent Mbete 14 percent Punu 12 percent Other 23 percent.

Languages French (official), Fang, other indigenous languages

Religious affiliations Christian 60 percent Animist 39 percent Muslim 1 percent.


Ethnic groups Georgian 70.1 percent Armenian 8.1 percent Russian 6.3 percent Azeri 5,7 percent Ossetian 3.0 percent Abkhazian 1.8 percent Other 5.0 percent.

Languages Georgian (official), Russian, Armenian, Azerbaijani, other.

Religious affiliations Orthodox Christian 58 percent Muslim 19 percent Atheist 3 percent Roman Catholic 1 percent Nonreligious 15 percent Other 4 percent.


Ethnic groups German 91.5 percent Turkish 2.3 percent Italian 0.7 percent Greek 0.4 percent Polish 0,4 percent Other 4.7 percent.

Languages German (official), English, Russian, Sorbian.

Religious affiliations Protestant 37 percent Roman Catholic 35 percent Muslim 4 percent Nonreligious 17 percent Other 7 percent.


Ethnic Divisions Adangbe, Akuapem, Akyem, Ashanti, Bono, Dagomba, Ewe, Fante, Ga, Gonja, Kwahu, Mamprusi, Nzima, and others.

Languages English (official), Akan, Nzima, Dagbane, Ga, Ewe, other African languages.

Religious affiliations Ethnoreligionists or indigenous beliefs 24 percent Muslim 20 percent Protestant 17 percent Independent Christian 14 percent Roman Catholic 10 percent Other 15 percent.


Ethnic groups Greek 98 percent Other 2 percent NOTE: The Greek government states that there are no ethnic divisions in Greece.

Languages Greek (official), Turkish, English, French.

Religious affiliations Greek Orthodox 94 percent Muslim 3 percent Nonreligious 2 percent Other 1.


Ethnic groups Ladino (mestizo) 56 percent Native American 44 percent.

Languages Spanish (official); more than 20 Native American languages, including Quich, Cakchiquel, and Kekch

Religious affiliations Roman Catholic 90 percent Protestant, traditional Mayan, others 10 percent.


Ethnic groups East Indian 51 percent Black African, mixed 43 percent Native American 4 percent European, Chinese 2 percent.

Languages English (official), Hindi, Urdu, Native American dialects.

Religious affiliations Hindu 33 percent Protestant 20 percent Roman Catholic 10 percent Anglican 9 percent Muslim 9 percent Indigenous beliefs 2 percent Other 17 percent.

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