Uttarakhand PSC: Tribes geography notes on world tribes & areas

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Tribe, Class, Caste: Fundamentals of Geography

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World Tribes

  • Baro -W. Amazon Basin.

  • Bantu -Negroes of central and southern Africa.

  • Sakai- Malaya Island.

  • Semang -Malaya hilly area.

  • Papuan -Pacific ocean.

  • Bushman -S. Africa's Kalahari Desert.

  • Pygmies- Extremely shortstatured people of the Congo (Zaire) Basin.

  • Bedouins -Arab (Hamad and Nefad desert).

  • Berbers -Tribals of Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia.

  • Bindibu- Natives of Western Australia.

  • Gaucho- Nomads of Pampas in Uruguay and Argentina.

  • Hamites -Dark-skinned Muslims in N.W.Africa.

  • Masai-Tanganika, Kenya, East Uganda.

  • Khirghiz -People of the steppe type region (Central Asia, Russia).

  • Kikuyu -A tribe in Kenya.

  • Lapps -People of European tundra.

  • Eskimo- Greenland, Alaska and Tundra.

  • Samoyed- People of the Asiatic tundra Western Siberia (North USSR).

  • Semites- Jews and Ethiopeans.

  • Yukagir- Siberia.

  • Punan -Central Boroneao.

  • Kazak -Russia.

  • Masai- A Negro tribe of east Africa.

  • Maya -Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras.

  • Maori -New Zealand.

  • Magyar -Hungary.

  • Papuans- Tribal's of New Guinea.

  • Red Indians -Aborigines of North America.

  • Tartars- A mixed group of people in Siberia.

  • Veddas- The racial stock of Srilanka

  • Yakuts -People in the tundra region in the USSR.

  • Boer -S.Africa.

  • Afridi -Pakistan.

  • Zulu -S.Africa (Natal).

  • Kossaks- (Black sea).

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