Preparing for Engish Vocabulary in SSC Exam 2018

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In SSC exam, you have to face English grammar in the following quoted topics-

  • Sentence correction
  • Sentence enhancement.
  • Active passive.
  • direct indirect speech.

Dealing with Grammar

Active Passive (Voice) and Direct-Indirect (Speech)

  • Follow set of simple rules, almost like maths formulas.
  • Generally Tier I has 10 questions on Voice + speech.
  • Tier-II consists of almost 40 − 45 questions on these two topics.
  • Understand the grammar rules and practice maximum questions.
  • In your diary note down any special or odd rules with example sentences.

Sentence Correction + Enhancement

To master sentence correction, you've to get expertise in two subtopics:

Grammar Rules

You must have the knowledge of grammar rules. Sentence correction is based on certain specific mistakes only.

For example: The topic “verb” has lot of theory and classifications.

Rules for sentence correction-

  • Either, Neither, none, each and every is singular.
  • Wrong “Each of the soldiers are disciplined” while Right is- “Each of the soldiers is disciplined”
  • Go through your grammar book and write the rules with example statements in your note book.
  • Revise these rules with example sentences

Phrasal Verbs

  • Grammar rules are like maths i.e.. Universally applicable.
  • Phrasal verbs-you need to remember the correct usage-case to case basis.
  • Both statements are wrong because phrasal verbs are incorrectly used.
  • Many a times, candidates know the grammar rules nicely, but fail to detect the error in sentence because they are prepared with phrasal verbs.
  • Standard English is full of phrasal verbs-know atleast common 200 of them.
  • Revise the list often and write down all the confusing words in your diary.
  • Solve as many practice questions as you can to enhance understanding.