How to Prepare for SSC CGL 2019

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How to Make Time Table?

Time table must depend on your convenience and flexibility. Just write down the syllabus on a paper and tick the topics which you already know. Make your preparation based on the remaining topics and the days left. Try to meet the deadline and work hard for atleast 2 months. For last 2 weeks focus on practicing previous or model papers (atleast two papers per day).

How to Start the Preparation?

If you have prepared for any competitive exam earlier, then you can directly start your preparation i.e.. Pick topics, learn and practice them according to your schedule. But if you are new, then you need some warm up sessions before actual practice. For initial 4 to 7 days, spend time on basic Maths Tables, Formulae, Squares and Cubes upto 15, Place Values of Alphabets, Synonyms and Antonyms lists. Once you are familiarized to these, you can go for the actual practice.

How many hours should I spend per a day?

For a sincere and dedicated student 5 hours per day is sufficient. If not, you must study the whole day. It is better to work out list of topics you should prepare per day. On this basis, you can spend time per day. No matter what you do during the whole day, you should finish those topics at the end of the day.

Things not to do: Bad Food habits, irrelevant arguments, over-thinking, chatting on social networking sites.

Things to do: Spend time in prayer or meditation. Listen to good music. Make small note book and write basic maths formulae for quick revision. Whenever you get time, read it.

What is the importance of vocabulary?

Vocabulary is critically very important in SSC exam because of following mentioned reasons-

  • There are direct questions on synonyms, antonyms, idioms and phrases.
  • You can read the passage faster, only if your vocabulary is good, else you'll have to pause and think twice its meaning.
  • In comprehension passages, some questions are in the format of “what is the meaning of XYZ word in the sentence”
  • If you're planning to appear for CAPF, LIC or PSU exams and other exams as well, descriptive paper include questions on precis, letter writing, essay etc.

If you're planning for UPSC, or State PSC, both have compulsory English paper during Mains. Again precis, letter writing, essay etc.

English essay writing is foucsed and without proficiency in good vocabulary you can't write an impressive essay.

How to enhance your vocabulary?

There is no ready-made books in the market for vocabulary. Get extensive list of synonyms, antonyms, idioms and phrases.