SSC CGL: Common interview questions

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Following are some of the sample questions that are asked in the SSC CGL examination in India.

  • Let us know about your self regain what are the strengths or what are the qualities that you must possess for the post?
  • How you get the goal for particular post?
  • Integrate your previous Job Experience with us. Which are of most disappointing faq of previous job?
  • How you would be able to perform better in worst condition (related to you post)?
  • You did MBA but why you selected this post for you job?
  • For how many years you are in (current Job/if any)?
  • Do you know about RTE and RTI (different types of question may be asked related to government schemes)?
  • Whom do you think a great scientist of all the times?
  • Your hobby are meditation, motivating others and Indian Mythology, Culture, event. What you exactly do in motivation?
  • Which books you read in Indian Mythology?
  • Why you want to join Inspector post?
  • What did you do after b. Sc?
  • Questions will be from latest current affairs and general awareness?

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