SSC CGL Solved Sample Model Paper 2017

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A. General Intelligence and Reasoning

Question 1. In the following questions, find the odd number pair from the given alternatives.

a. 6246 – 6296

b. 7137 – 7267

c. 4344 – 4684

d. 5235 – 5465

Question 2. In the following questions, select the related number from the given alternatives.


a. 61

b. 60

c. 63

d. 69

Question 3. In question, a series is given, with one term missing. Choose the correct alternatives from the given ones that will complete the series.

121, 222, 424, ?

a. 524

b. 646

c. 828

d. 636

B. English Comprehension

Question 1-7. In the question below, a part of the sentence is underlined. Below are given alternatives to the underlined part which may improve the sentence. Choose the correct alternative. In case no improvement is needed choose ‘no improvement’.

1. The autumn season of parliament will begin on Tuesday.

a. Autumn session

b. Autumn mission

c. Autumn cession

d. No improvement

2. The speaker got confused and started to conceal himself.

a. Reject himself

b. hide himself

c. Contradict himself

d. No improvement

3. Looking at the pictures of his old house made him romantic.

a. Him nervous

b. Him nostalgic

c. Him philosophic

d. No improvement

4. Anything other than a singular focus on learning, buttressed with a right to quality education act, will suppress the life chances of millions of Indian children.

a. Will beguile the

b. Will relinquish the

c. No improvement

d. Will squander the

5. No sooner had I entered the house when the lights went out.

a. Than

b. As

c. That

d. No improvement

6. Every one of this girls is beautiful.

a. These

b. That

c. The

d. No improvement

7. He could not cope up with the heavy rush.

a. Cope with

b. No improvement

c. Cope upto

d. Cope by

C. Quantitative Aptitude

Question 1. The number of numbers between 168 and 280, both included, which are divisible by 8 is

a. 17

b. 37

c. 15

d. 16

Question 2. A village road is to be constructed by a team of 350 workers. After 14 days, it was found that only 2/9th part of the work was completed. To complete the rest in another 35 days. How many more workers should be employed?

a. 150 workers

b. 152 workers

c. 125 workers

d. 140 workers

Question 3. A trader allows two successive discounts of 30 % and 20 %. If he gets Rs. 112 for an article. Find its marked price.

a. Rs. 250

b. Rs. 150

c. Rs. 200

d. Rs. 300

D. General Awareness

Question 1. The passengers of a boat are not allowed to stand because:

a. This will raise the center of gravity and the boat will be rocked.

b. This will lower the center of gravity and the boat will be rocked.

c. The effective weight of system increases.

d. The surface tension is affected.

Question 2. Which city has been selected for the XXII Commonwealth Games in 2022?

a. London

b. Sydney

c. Durban

d. Glasgow

Question 3. Bluetooth devices operate in the bandwidth of?

a. 2.1 GHz

b. 2.3 GHz

c. 2.4 GHz

d. 2.6 GHz

Question 4. Who discovered Malaria Parasite?

a. Ronald Ross

b. Charles Leveran

c. Louis Pasteur

d. James Watson

Others General Awareness

  • India shares longest International border with? – Bangladesh

  • CK Naidu trophy associated with which sports? – Cricket

  • Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope (FAST) installed in? – China

  • Highest gallantry award of peace? – Ashok Chakra

  • India’s first carbon free state? – Himachal Pradesh

  • People of Indus valley used to worship? – Mother Goddess

  • Kovvada nuclear plant proposed to be set up in? – Andhra Pradesh

  • Polio caused due to? – poliovirus

  • Energy travels from Sun to earth through? – radiation

  • In IT failure of Kernel means? –This error is usually caused due to Memory or Driver incompatibility issues or corruption of system data.

  • Barren islands is in? – Andaman Sea

  • India’s volcano is at? – Barren island

  • Once in a blue moon – Very Rarely

  • Fish out of water – uncomfortable situation

  • A solution or remedy for all difficulties or diseases – panacea

  • Mahatma Gandhi Was Not Associated With? Vishwa Bharati

  • What Measures The Temperature Of The Distant Objects? Pyrometer

  • Who Appoints Personnel From All India Services? –President

  • What Are Upanishad?– Hindu sacred treatises

  • Largest Herbaria in the World – Paris, France

  • What Is Money Market ? Short term

  • Who Is The Final Interpreter Of Indian Constitution?: Supreme court.

  • Who Regulates Fixed Exchange Rate Regulation? :RBI

  • Other Name of River Tsangpo in Tibet? Brahmaputra River

  • The largest herbarium in India is situated at? – The Indian Botanical Garden, Kolkata, India.

  • Davis cup is associated with the game? – Lawn Tennis

  • How Molecules Transfer Energy When They Move From Cold Medium To Warm Medium?

  • When Minerals From Soil Reaches To Subsoil Through Water The Process Is Known As ?

  • Crops Are Modified Through Pollination And Other Methods To Achieve?

  • Residuary power lies with?

  • Indira Goswami got Jnanpith award in which language? – Assamese

  • Pellagra and scurvy are caused for which vitamin deficiency – vitamin C

  • Nanda Devi peak in state – Uttarakhand

  • Largest beach in India – Marina beach

  • Which committee under the Estimates Committee of Parliament is also called the ‘twin-sisters’? – Public Accounts Committee

  • Financial commission is set up by – Article 280

  • World Bank takes monetary from

  • Nitric acid does not react with – Pure Gold

  • Water heater contains nichrome – (NiCr, nickel-chrome)

  • Under which Governor General was English education first brought to India? – Lord Macaulay

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