Granaries, Drainage System, Dockyard of Lothal & Indus valley Sculpture (Seals and Sculpture) for SSC JE

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  • Found in citadel

  • Intelligent construction strategic air ducts and platform

Drainage System

Image of Drainrage system

Image of Drainrage System

  • Almost like modern system

  • Temporarily covered drains cleaning purpose

Dockyard of Lothal

Image of Dockyard of Lothal

Image of Dockyard of Lothal

  • The dockyard was located away from the main current to avoid deposition of silt.

  • It is speculated that Lothal engineers studied tidal movements, and their effects on brick built structures, since the walls are of kiln burnt bricks.

  • The dock, with a canal opening to allow water to flow into the river, thereby maintaining a stable water level.

  • The dock also possessed a lock gate system a wooden door could be lowered at the mouth of the outlet to retain a minimum column of water in the basin to ensure floatation at low tides.

Indus Valley Sculpture

Image of Indus valley sculpture

Image of Indus Valley Sculpture


  • square or rectangular, circular and few are cylindrical piece of stone

  • Average size inches

  • Stone soft riverstone statite,copper and terracotta

  • Decorated with animal motifs except cow

  • Pictographic script on both sides of the seals

  • Some gold, silver, and ivory seals.


Early Script

Early Script

  • Script pictographic

  • Along with animal impressions which are yet to be deciphered.

  • Direction of writing right to left.

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