Accounting Practice MCQs Competitive Exams Set 23

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(xvii) Which of the following is least important in determining the fair market value of a share?

(a) Earnings and dividends per share

(b) Book value per share

(c) The available supply of shares and the demand to purchase the shares.

(d) The par value of share.

Answer. (d)

(xviii) Financial statements prepared by a business firm are most likely to be:

(a) Fully reliable

(b) Tentative in nature

(c) Relevant for all types of decisions

(d) Always misleading

Answer. (c)

(xix) One of the following is not an officer of a company:

(a) Share registrar

(b) Controller

(c) Secretary

(d) Treasurer

Answer. (a)

(xx) A deficit appears on the balance sheet:

(a) Among the assets

(b) As a deduction from total paid-up capital

(c) Among the liabilities

(d) None of these

Answer. (b)