Aptitude Logical Reasoning Averages 2022 Competitive Exams Part 3

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1. Find the average of the first 20 natural numbers?

A. 10


C. 12


Answer: D

2. The average of 13 numbers is 60. Average of the first 7 of them is 57 and that of the last 7 is 61. Find the 8th number?

A. 46

B. 32

C. 68

D. 51

Answer: A

3. A batsman makes a score of 64 runs in the 16th innings and thus increased his average by 3. Find his average after the 16th inning?

A. 17

B. 29

C. 18

D. 19

Answer: D

4. The average marks of a class of 30 students is 40 and that of another class of 50 students is 60. Find the average marks of all the students?

A. 50


C. 59


Answer: D

5. The average salary of a person for the months of January, February, March and April is ₹ 8000 and that for the months February, March, April and May is ₹ 8500. If his salary for the month of May is ₹ 6500, find his salary for the month of January?

A. 3000

B. 2500

C. 4500

D. 5000

Answer: C

6. The average of 35 numbers is 25. If each number is multiplied by 5, find the new average?

A. 125

B. 134

C. 170

D. 98

Answer: A

7. The average of 10 numbers is 23. If each number is increased by 4, what will the new average be?

A. 22

B. 27

C. 25

D. 29

Answer: B

8. The average of the marks of 12 students in a class is 36. If the marks of each student are doubled, find the new average?

A. 72

B. 45

C. 37

D. 79

Answer: A

9. The average age of a group of 10 persons was decreased by 3 years when one person, whose age was 42 years, was replaced by a new person. Find the age of the new person?

A. 22

B. 24

C. 12

D. 8

Answer: C

10. Find the average of the series: 312, 162,132, 142 and 122?

A. 194

B. 175

C. 162

D. 186

E. None of these

Answer: E

11. The sum of five numbers is 655. The average of the first two numbers is 85 and the third number is 125. Find the average of the two numbers?

A. 180

B. 170

C. 190

D. 175

E. None of these

Answer: A

12. The average amount with a group of seven numbers is ₹ 20. If the newly joined member has ₹ 50 with him, what was the average amount with the group before his joining the group?

A. ₹ 25

B. ₹ 18

C. ₹ 15

D. ₹ 22

E. None of these

Answer: C

13. A salt manufacturing company produced a total of 5000 tonnes of salt in January of a particular year. Starting from February its production increased by 100 tonnes every month over the previous months until the end of the year. Find its average monthly production for that year?

A. 6060

B. 7070

C. 5550

D. 4440

E. None of these

Answer: C

14. The average weight of a group of boys is 30 kg. After a boy of weight 35 kg joins the group, the average weight of the group goes up by 1 kg. Find the number of boys in the group originally?

A. 4

B. 5

C. 6

D. 7

E. None of these.

Answer: A

15. The average runs scored by a batsman in 20 matches is 40. In the next 10 matches the batsman scored an average of 13 runs. Find his average in all the 30 matches?

A. 31

B. 29

C. 28

D. 30

E. None of these

Answer: A