Aptitude Logical Reasoning Races and Games 2022 Competitive Exams

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1. In a kilometre race, A beats B by 50 meters or 10 seconds. What time does A take to complete the race?

A. 200 sec

B. 190 sec

C. 210 sec

D. 150 sec

Answer: B

2. A can give B 100 meters start and C 200 meters start in a kilometre race. How much start can B give C in a kilometre race?

A. 111.12 m

B. 888.88 m

C. 777.52 m

D. 756.34 m

Answer: A

3. A can run a kilometre race in min while B can run same race in 5 min. How many meters start can A give B in a kilometre race, so that the race mat end in a dead heat?

A. 150 m

B. 125 m

C. 130 m

D. 100 m

Answer: D

4. In a race of 1000 m, A can beat by 100 m, in a race of 800m, B can beat C by 100m. By how many meters will A beat C in a race of 600 m?

A. 57.5 m

B. 127.5 m

C. 150.7 m

D. 98.6 m

Answer: B

5. In a game of billiards, A can give B 20 points in 60 and he can give C 30 points in 60. How many points can B give C in a game of 100?

A. 50

B. 40

C. 25

D. 15

Answer: C

6. In a 300 m race A beats B by 22.5 m or 6 seconds. B՚s time over the course is:

A. 86 sec

B. 80 sec

C. 76 sec

D. None of these

Answer: B

7. A runs times as fast as B. If A gives B a start of 80 m, how far must the winning post be so that A and B might reach it at the same time?

A. 200 m

B. 300 m

C. 270 m

D. 160 m

Answer: A

8. In a 100 m race, A can beat B by 25 m and B can beat C by 4 m. In the same race, A can beat C by:

A. 21 m

B. 26 m

C. 28 m

D. 29 m

Answer: C

9. If in a game of 80, P can give 16 points to Q and R can give 20 points to P, then in a game of 150, how many points can R give to Q?

A. 48

B. 60

C. 54

D. 90

Answer: B

10. If X can run 48m and Y 42m, then in a race of 1km, X beats Y by:

A. 140m

B. 125m

C. 100m

D. 110m

Answer: B