Reasoning Paper 3 Most Important Questions and Answers Part 4

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41. If EARTHQUAKE is coded as MOGPENJOSM then EQUATE will be coded as —





Ans. (D)

42. If COUNTRY is coded in certain way as EMWLVPA, ELECTORATE will be coded in the same manner as —





Ans. (D)

43. ‘Air’ is to ‘Bird’ as ‘Water’ is to …

(A) Drink

(B) Fish

(C) Wash

(D) Swim

Ans. (B)

44. ‘Pencil’ is to ‘Write’ as ‘Knife’ is to …

(A) Injure

(B) Peel

(C) Prick

(D) Attack

Ans. (B)

45. Mohan is 18th from either end of a row of boys? How many boys are there in that row?

(A) 26

(B) 32

(C) 24

(D) 35

Ans. (D)

46. In a class of 60 where boys are twice that of girls, Ramya ranked 17th from the top. If there are 9 boys ahead of Ramya, how many girls are after her in the rank?

(A) 26

(B) 12

(C) 10

(D) 33

Ans. (B)

47. ‘Soldier’ is related to ‘Army’ in the same way as ‘Pupil’ is related to …

(A) Education

(B) Teacher

(C) Student

(D) Class

Ans. (D)

48. ‘Kilogram’ is related to ‘Quintal’ in the same way as ‘Paisa’ is related to …

(A) Coin

(B) Money

(C) Cheque

(D) Rupee

Ans. (D)

49. ‘Stammering’ is to ‘Speech’ as Deafness is to …

(A) Ear

(B) Hearing

(C) Noise

(D) Commotion Ans. (B)

50. ‘Guilt’ is to ‘Past’ as ‘Hope’ is to …

(A) Present

(B) Future

(C) Today

(D) Hopeless

Ans. (B)