Important Practice Questions and Answers in Biology Part 8

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4. Secretin is secreted from

(a) Endocrine gland and acts on an endocrine gland.

(b) Exocrine gland and acts on an exocrine gland.

(c) Endocrine gland acts on an exocrine gland.

(d) Exocrine gland and acts on an endocrine gland.

Answer: (d)

5. Which hormone (s) of the following endocrine glands lacks peptides, amines and sulphur?

(a) Hormone of anterior pituitary.

(b) Hormone of posterior pituitary and pancreas.

(c) Hormone of thyroid and adrenal gland.

(d) Hormone of testes and ovary.

Answer: (d)

Reproduction in Animals – Asexual Reproduction, Parthenogenesis

1. In sexual reproduction, offspring՚s resemble the parents

(a) Structurally but not functionally.

(b) Functionally but not structurally.

(c) Both structurally and functionally.

(d) Neither structurally nor functionally.

Answer: (b)

2. An alternation of asexual and sexual generations where from the generations are diploid and the haploid stage is represented only by the gametes is called

(a) Alternation of generation

(b) Metagenesis

(c) Paedogenesis

(d) Parthenogenesis

Answer: (b)

3. Which of the following shows the sexual dimorphism?

(a) Hydra and Ascaris

(b) Hydra and Oryctolagus

(c) Ascaris and Pheretima

(d) Ascaris and Oryctolagus

Answer: (d)

4. In earthworms, self-fertilization does not occur due to

(a) Hypogyny

(b) Protogyny

(c) Protandry

(d) Epigyny

Answer: (c)

5. Haploid parthenogenesis among insects is shows by order

(a) Hymenoptera

(b) Homoptera

(c) Coleopteran

(d) All of these

Answer: (c)