MCQ Choice of Question and Answers in Biology Part 1

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1. Highest BMR occurs in

(a) Human

(b) Rabbit

(c) Whale

(d) Elephant

Answer: b

2. The number of different teeth incisor, canine, premolars and molars in each jaw of human is

(a) 4,2, 4,6

(b) 2,4, 4,6

(c) 6,2, 4,4

(d) 4,4, 2,6

Answer: a

3. Enamel of tooth is secreted by

(a) Ametoblast

(b) Osteoblast

(c) Odontoblast

(d) Dentoblast

Answer: c

4. The following statements are true in relation to saliva except

(a) Has important lubricating action

(b) Has antiseptic action

(c) Essential for complete digestion of starch

(d) Helps in speech

Answer: c

5. The lower jaw in mammals is made up of

(a) Maxilla

(b) Dentary

(c) Sternum

(d) Mandible

Answer: b

6. Deglutition is

(a) Chewing of food

(b) Swallowing of food

(c) Digestion of food

(d) Absorption of food

Answer: b

7. Ingested food is degraded by digestive enzymes into

(a) Amino acids

(b) Monosaccharides

(c) Free fatty acids

(d) Absorbable nutrients

Answer: d

8. The human intestine is long because

(a) It provides more space to store food

(b) It increases surface area for absorption of food

(c) Bacteria present in food can be killed gradually

(d) None of the above

Answer: b

9. Salivary glands include all glands except

(a) Parotid

(b) Oxyntic

(c) Submandibular

(d) Sublingual

Answer: b

10. Daily salivary secretion is about

(a) 500 ml

(b) 750 ml

(c) 1200 ml

(d) 2500 ml

Answer: c

11. Ptyalin is an enzyme present mainly in

(a) Bile

(b) Gastric juice

(c) Pancreatic juice

(d) Saliva

Answer: d

12. Mumps is a viral infection of

(a) Appendix

(b) Liver

(c) Parotid gland

(d) Tonsil

Answer: c

13. Mumps affects

(a) Sub maxillary gland

(b) Parotid gland

(c) Gastric gland

(d) Intestinal gland

Answer: b

14. Maximum contribution of total daily salivary secretion is by

(a) Parotid glands

(b) Submandibular gland

(c) Sublingual glands

(d) Equal secretion from all the three glands.

Answer: b

15. Parasympathetic supply to GIT is mainly from

(a) Facial nerve

(b) Glossopharyngeal nerve

(c) Trigeminal nerve

(d) Vagus nerve

Answer: d

16. Haustrations are found in

(a) Oesophagus

(b) Stomach

(c) Small intestine

(d) Large intestine

Answer: d

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